Sunday, January 3, 2010

【Vocaloid Sisters United】 Onii Yuukai 【English Sub】

【ボカロ妹連盟】 御兄誘拐 【替え歌PV】
【Vocaloid Sisters United】 Onii Yuukai 【English Sub】
English Sub: arklung
Made by Chanagi-P & Maroyan (Painter)

After Loli yuukai, now the place get reversed, the Vocaloid sister united are gonna to yuukai brother Kaito now. This is the first favorite Vocaloid PV for me in this brand new year.
had a laugh, Lolx.

There are many version of them, Original this 炉心融解 "Meltdown" by Kagamine Rin,

and various version by other vocaloid,
Kagamine Len, ロリ誘拐 Loli Yuukai:

Gakupo, ロリ誘拐 Loli Yuukai:

Kaito, ロリ誘拐 Loli Yuukai:

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