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[KAITO] Gyakuzai Koushinkyoku [English Sub]

[KAITO] Gyakuzai Koushinkyoku [English Sub]

English Sub: arklung
Made by Machigeriita-P
Illustration by Mizmaru

逆罪, Gyakuzai mean a heavy crime that unforgivable. A great sin.
行進曲, Koushinkyoku mean marching song.

English Sub: (Please credit if you use it)

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Let's move on, move on.
Only the two of us, move on.

The duo keep moving on, on their journey.
Does love-confession represents eternity?

We exchanged sweet words,
we built a sand castle on the crematorium.

In a rusted night, fell asleep under the noisy starry night.
While we welcome a sloppy Spring → I discovered.

This happiness will not last, Happiness lives in the moment.
So let us turn this happiness into a bouquet of flower

After turning the happiness into a bouquet
we put it into the coffin so that we won't lose it.
And let's hide it away, so no one will take it away from us.

The funeral concession that seems to be endless,
But it finally stopped somewhere.
When we bid farewell with deceiving tears
let's burn it all together with our hands.

Let's move on, move on.
Only the two of us, move on.
On the way without any road.
Only the two of us.
Even if we can't make it, we'll move on inseparable,
Who is waiting at the end ahead of us?

The stable loyalty, the feeling that is held at the chest.
Was it the body temperature overlapping on top of the heart.

What comes out of it, is a momentous life.
We regret when things are not the same as our ideal,

If it becomes old, then just throw it away, like a toy.
If played until it is dirty, then just go get a new one.

How long is this endless repetition gonna be.
If the thing should have its limitation
then let's end it now.

Knowing these are a waste of time
but people are still chasing after it.

Using the flirty language uttering the key lines softly.
Knowing myself was caught in this pain, but still desiring for it.

There is a small wound on the head,
Let's make it a big wound, I will show you!

A lie is spoken from my mouth again
But no one knows this is a lie

The expected facial expression
looks like a thing that is easily collapsed.

Begging on the moving second hand of the clock
wish that we can continue our journey

The journey with only the two of us
here comes the third party again

We have to repeat this again.

[Hatsune Miku] Whammy Anarchy [English Sub]

[Hatsune Miku] Whammy Anarchy [English Sub]

Made by: Shomisan-P (ショミさん)
English Sub: arklung

A anti-War song present by ショミさん. People should stop war and learn to love each other.

English Sub: (Credit me if you use it on somewhere)

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On the whole new world, We draw our territories based on our needs
I do not know since when, we have the instinct to push others away
Beginning Delaying Flesh Metals are flying across each other
Cannot differentiate what is game and what is reality, The surrounding of peace is filled with warm air

Birth, Conquer, Human birth, Killing, Drained, Fertile, Seize control

Destroy, Questions

What is in front of that bullet? Is that a human's head?
Is there any hope in front of that bullet? Is that a dream?
What is behind of that bullet? Is there a scar left on this planet?
Is there a smile behind of that bullet? The answer is 「NO」「NO」

Without pleading to the dark sky, The sun is rising up
Though the news is debated through wave transmission, But as long as it belongs to another side of the ocean it's none of our business
The people around us are calculated on million units
The weight of life
is cannot be calculated numerically on the meaningless moral scale

Inquiring peace, People talk about, think about, care about, Heavy life

Comprehend, Deception

What triggered that bullet? Because of the colour of the skin?
Is there a wish to trigger the bullet? Is it for humanity?
Who push the button for the bomb to explode? Was it pushed together with the dropping tears?
What is left behind the bomb? Everyone says 「Know」「Know」

The boy who was left with one leg says 「I was just picking up my football」
The girl who was left with one eye cries 「The soldier shouted and shot at my mum」

Who took away that person's life? Was he killed by human ego?
Who is still holding that person's evidence of existence? Will you continue his story?
Who killed that person's family? They were crying but still being murdered?
What will eventually left by the war? We are 「Whammy Anarchy」

Friday, January 15, 2010

[MMD] President Miku is angry [English & Chinese Translation subbed] Part one

[MMD] President Miku is angry [English & Chinese Translation subbed] Part one

Some Description NETA appear at video :
The software that enable still-picture moves or swaying, example: Meiko's Bad Apple PV

Big-Boobs-cons (Big-boobs Complex people, in short, Big-boobs con)

Stalin, the Soviet/Russia's fuhrer, who murdered people/followers who were not loyal to him. Hitler said he should have followed Stalin's style, or else he wouldn't lose the World War II because of his general's betrayal.

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[Hatsune Miku] 文学少年の憂鬱 [English Sub]

[Hatsune Miku] 文学少年の憂鬱 [English Sub]

[Hatsune Miku] Bungaku-shounen no Yuuutsu [English Sub]
The melancholy of a literature boy
Made by Hoehoe-P, Movie by Osare-P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

[Hatsune Miku] 切裂サチコは夜長に笑う [English Sub]

[Hatsune Miku] Sachiko the Ripper laughs on long nights [Original song]
Made by MOL-P
Illustration by Azuma

Love the melody and picture in the PV.
Hope you all like it also.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

[Kagamine Rin] ソラトバズ [English Sub] v2

Re-uploaded, fixed audio problem, subbed
[Kagamine Rin] ソラトバズ [English Sub]
[Kagamine Rin] Can't fly at the sky [English Sub]
【鏡音リン】 ソラトバズ 【オリジナル曲】

English Sub: arklung
Made by: Toraboruta-P (トラボルタP)

Creator of トエト (Toet)

This new song was create on 05 Jan 2010, a story of a little bird that can't fly. ソラトバズ also read as sora tobazu, Sky's Topaz, is the yellow bird in the PV after all. Haha. Just kidding.

Here the English Translation:
(Please give credit if you wish to use it at somewhere else, TQ)

The bird that can't fly was thinking about
Those others who can fly are awesome
Looking at the huge blue sky
I am sad that I'm unable to fly with this body

Ah.... Why is everyone so cunning, Why only me...
was born with this pair of weird wings

The others are flying high in the sky gracefully
Everyone is overtaking me one by one
I don't care about this matter, it is just a small matter after all
They are just showing off

But actually I was kinda sad

The bird that can't fly is thinking about
Lately it keeps blame itself
head down with depressed face
looking at its own feet

Ah... Oh I see, there is still one thing that I own
A pair of feet that can walk

Walk pass through the wilderness and mountain,
Kick the soil with the feet
with a happy look on its face
walking step by step

The beings that fly faster than me, the beings that walk faster than me,
Please continue to move forward by taking over me

You guys may go forward first, I will be fine
I will continue moving forward with my own ways,
Although I can't fly, although I walk slowly,
I will still keep moving forward like this

I have decided.

*The word "I CAN'T FRY" should be "I CAN'T FLY", Toraboruta-P had apologize at NicoNico that he misspell the English word.

[Megurine Luka] 恋愛ライセンス [English Sub]

[Megurine Luka] License of love [English Sub]

The picture in this video comes from the Japanese driver's license card. I added some English translation behind it.

English Translation:
(If you to wish use it somewhere, please give a credit, TQ)

License of love, the License that I don't have
License of love, the License that I haven't obtained

Like the movie show, Like the drama series,
Those love scene as such, can't be found anywhere
You can smile, but crying are not allowed
From morning until night, night until morning
Around me there is no such person,
same as me can be found.
Should I say may be? Or should I say must be?

Does Love also need a License?

Learning is not my expertise, But can I get it if I try my best?
"I love you" although I can't say such word yet, But I wish I can change.

License of love, the License that I don't have
Any requirement, please tell me in more details

License of love, the License that I haven't obtained yet
If I pass it, Will I be changed?

Now at everywhere, I didn't see any yet
The love like this, It seems can't be found
You, the one that I have a crush on,
Turned your head and smile at me.

What if my wish thinking turn out to be real?
I think I would be able to say "I love you", I wanna to be like that

License of love, I'm not giving up yet
I am facing various kinds of obstacles

License of love, here comes the good chance
I will take this opportunity to tell you

Every time when I am asleep, or awake,
You are always in my mind
Although I haven't said "I love you"
But am I qualified to say that?

License of love, the License that I don't have
Any requirement, please tell me in more details

License of love, the License that I haven't obtained
If I pass it, Will I be changed?

License of love, I'm not giving up yet
I am facing various kinds of obstacles

License of love, here comes the good chance
I will take this opportunity to tell you

Monday, January 4, 2010





我踏出了旅程 而你在後面追逐我的背影


向著目標前進著 從他手中得到的白花


戰鬥的時機已到了 我上了!

在黑暗的雙崖 並列起來的誘惑

戰鬥的途中 我看見了一樣東西

現在阻擋在前方的東西 是一個純白的城寨




Sunday, January 3, 2010

【Vocaloid Sisters United】 Onii Yuukai 【English Sub】

【ボカロ妹連盟】 御兄誘拐 【替え歌PV】
【Vocaloid Sisters United】 Onii Yuukai 【English Sub】
English Sub: arklung
Made by Chanagi-P & Maroyan (Painter)

After Loli yuukai, now the place get reversed, the Vocaloid sister united are gonna to yuukai brother Kaito now. This is the first favorite Vocaloid PV for me in this brand new year.
had a laugh, Lolx.

There are many version of them, Original this 炉心融解 "Meltdown" by Kagamine Rin,

and various version by other vocaloid,
Kagamine Len, ロリ誘拐 Loli Yuukai:

Gakupo, ロリ誘拐 Loli Yuukai:

Kaito, ロリ誘拐 Loli Yuukai: