Thursday, December 25, 2008

Beware of Fake Nendoroid

This happen few day ago before Christmas, i spotted a Konata Nendoroid which only selling Rm49.90, still able to less 10% more!! which mean Rm44.90 only.
First at all it surprise me, is hard to see the different at the begin, then I buy one and go back hostel and open it. W*F, the paint was bad, and the quality were worst.

This is legendary FAKE Nendoroid that i saw at GSC homepage !!

Luckily when I return the fake konata back to that Retail, the staff allow me top up $$ to change with other Figure.

Lastly i choose Gundam Kyrios 1/100 scale. haiz....Just wonder why nendoroid suddenly so cheap, this case make my wallet "light like the feather". This month extra paid out... (I no really want Gundam Figure... someone kind please buy it from me :P)

The Fake Nendoroid, the Box Printing is blur compare to Original Nendoroid.
Keep it on mind when you buy nendoroid next time.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bleach The Movie : Fade to Black

New Movie gonna release at Japan, Bleach The Movie : Fade to Black.
and mine fav. Seiyu, Aya Hirano, was take in part of this movie too. Which is Voice of Konata Izumi (Lucky Star), Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi).

Aya Hirano Voice as "Young Sister" in the Movie, but for most hirano/Bleach fans, ofcause can't miss this movie as well.
In this movie, we can watch the exciting part, Ichigo VS 13 Captain. by viewing the CM on youtube, we can know that this time Rukia leaving Ichigo without reason, and Ichigo gonna team with Kon in search of Rukia, but ichigo are forced to battle the 13 Captain (It seem like Soul Society had involved within), will Ichigo find Rukia at last? why is Rukia leaving? why battle with Soul Society?

This Movie will release on Japan Cinema at 13 December 2008. But for the non-Japanese, need to wait until it release DVD version, which mean is 6 month+ (13 Jun 2009).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Youtube Goes Widescreen View

I just notice at 25-11-2008, when i was searching some MAD video at Youtube, i notice that the youtube video screen had become bigger, compare to old 4:3 aspect ratio videos, now youtube was able to present 16:9 aspect ratio videos.

But Youtube had announced that for the old video that uploaded with 4:3 resolution will just fit on the new player. For the Video with the High-Resolution uploaded will present in full screen.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Figma Konata Magician.Ver from LuckyStar OVA

Miku Hatsune In Figma

After Getting the 1/8 PVC, also brought Miku Figma Action Figure.
This Figure coming with 1 Mic, 1 Mic Stand, 2 Face Express, 2 葱?.

GSC "Hatsune Miku 1/8 PVC" GET

After Half Year of waiting (Preorder), Finally got this Figure.
I like this Figure because it just look like bring the "Network Idol" come to Real World.
And Also, the Good Smile Company had successful express the Miku's Emotion and Detailed Outfit.
Box Design based on MikuBox's Back View
Figure Front ViewFigure Back View

SD Gundam00 Exia Preview [Painted]

Sorry of bad paint skill. I only learn a few Painting tips from my friend at kuching, now he already study at KL already. So start right now i only can read tips from Internet, and try out myself.
SD Gundam Exia Front View.
Back ViewCan you find all "Gundam Seven Sword" Arm from the Pic?
Answer : "Yes !"

Shakugan No Shana Gallery "華焰" GET

My Sis Brought it at KL and give me. This book sure hard to get at East Malaysia. Even though Kuching Big City also don't have this kind of Book.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KFC HotRods, Owned

KFC Coming out new menu, HotRods. The Chicken ball-Like BBQ.

But... when you go buy the Real thing.... You SAW What You SAW !?

Click Here For See Real KFC HOTRODS

Where is my Chicken Ball? Is the Satay or what?


Leave Some Comment for Any KFC Product please.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bleach: Soul Carnival PSP Review

This game already nearly released about 1 Week. Sorry for a late review, because i just want to unlock finish the secret inside.
This game provide Cute 2D-look Character with 3 Head-body size. With =
- Character Level / Stat / Eq system.
- 17 Selectable character.
- Ichigo room free decoration, item can be brought from item shop.
- Character stat upgrade chart with 81 Support Character (Most of them can be attacker at stage)
- Equipment upgrade with Fusion option.
- Hidden route, extra stage, free stage, after game clear stage and Challenge Stage.
- Of Cause with the WTf strong Aizen Boss.

Click Here To Read More

Video of me beating Aizen Boss

This game is extremely recommended for the Bleach Fans or who like to play RBO. (The style of this game remind me that 1 dōjin game i played, Ragnarok Battle Offline)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sushi Bonaza at Kuching

This is what happen when Sushi Bonaza Lunch

My Result (All expensive sushi ate. owned)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Hot Dog shop Grand Opening 1901 at Spring Shopping Mall

New hotdog store "1901" opened inside Spring Shopping mall, the store is infront of Tai Kiong HyperMarket, i attracted by the BBQ Smell and special design Moving-Cart-Like Store.Because is new opened, many people buying his hotdog, i guess i juz buy mine next time. The hotdog price range is around Rm6 ~ 8 per, any hotdog / Roti John lover might want to try a bite.

Sushi King BONANZA - Coming soon at east malaysia

Just visit Boulevard Kuching here, actually want to taste some Sushi, but after saw this Big Banner announce about the East Malaysia Sushi Bonanza coming soon, ofcause i want to save my money until that days.

The days before Bonanza..... poor business (Boulevard Sushi King)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Windows Live SkyDrive, Free 5GB space online with Mircosoft

Just started to use SkyDrive, the free online storage space present by Microsoft. No registration required if user owned Windows's Live ID (Your Hotmail Account). Instant get 5GB free Space with Maximum 50MB per upload range to manage ur online storage.
->Share your picture/Video online with Famaily/Friends.
->Permission Control, Allow multi-user manage your Online Storage (Delete/Copy/Add)
->Blog Editing, enable user blog some personal daily advanture inside this space. (Feature Limited)
->Own Address, Choose any name you like to acess your spaces.

For more infomation please click on and search SkyDrive.

User Interface :

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sushi King Restaurant Revisit.

Sushi King Restaurant Revisit.

I outstation to Kuching again, beside working, i also thinking where can i joy and eat. hehz

Lazy to think to much, so i decieded to eat sushi again, went inside and look at the menu, i choosed the FULL bowl of Mee, it called : Tori Teriyaki (Soba Mee with Chicken Meat) .

I wait for the Mee. and eat some Sushi, I saw Ebikko (Fish Roe) but Green in colour, i so interest on in, taken it without looking at his plate colour (Sushi King's Sushi Price are depend on the plate colour). if i no wrong is Pink Colour (RM4). Then who know, inside got hidden Washabi, i forced to drink that hot green tea that just served.

"Sorry for your waiting, this is your Tori Teriyaki", after that i saw a soup-like dish on my table. I shocked, i didnt order soup... try to use spoon take a look. LOLX the mee is so little and sink inside already. I trying to make it balance . (The Image provide is after "adjusted")
There are also got some recommended sushi.

Kanikami (Crabstick)

Sake (Fresh Salmon)
Golden Ball (Deep Fried and Shredded Crabstick with Mayonnaise)

Picture : Inside my Stomach.

But i was looking forward Ikura (Ebikko-Like sushi but rare). because i heard that was season and famous, very hard to gain a chance to taste it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

SD Gundam00 Exia GET !!

Finally get my SD Gundam00 from XL-Shop, but no time to assemble it :P

(Side View)

Miku On PSP

Miku is coming on PSP at Year 2009. The actual release date are no confirmed yet, but there are the Gameplay for preview at youtube already.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gundam Vs Gundam

Next up November will coming one of the best game you must play if yourself owned PSP. <>.

This game collected all series of Mobile suit Gundam. Included New Series Gundam ->Gundam 00.
(Click Image for Enlarge)
Choose your Favorites Gundam, Freedom Gundam, GOD Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Zeta Gundam, RX-78 Gundam and more...
(Click Image for Enlarge)
Here will be some Clip for the gameplay preview (Please noted that game release at Nov 22th )

Monday, September 8, 2008

Enable Right Click Menu on Internet.

Useful Tips while you online browsing Web.

Sometime when you online and saw some Cute and Nice Picture, and want to make it into your collection, the seem the web master had Disable "Right-Click Mouse" comment, but actually you can enable it, this is how it work.

First, you must install FireFox Internet Browser, try google it and u will found it with different language pack, download the one you preferred.

Next, after installed and finish first time Setup, goto Tools->Option->Content->Advance,
Uncheck the "Disable or Replace Context menus". (You also can disable the Java Script, but it will also disable most of the webpage entertainment feature, this is no recommened)
Try again right click on the webpage. This guide will do 100% no harm and without change your computer regestry setting.

*I wrote this guide because I like PC trouble Shooting also. ^.^ Please leave any comment if you like it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Figma Miku !!!!

Hatsune Miku, Finally release Figma Series, the first Batch will be selling at キャラホビ2008. Only 30 Aug 2008 until 31 Aug 2008 Limited 2,000 Unit.

After that, Good Smile will be release Second Batch at 10 Sept 2008. But it seem that is hard to preorder at malaysia. thats mean i was unable to get it until it release 3rd batch. T.T

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fate/Tiger Colosseum PSP Review.

Fate/Tiger Coliseum Upper !! Just released at Aug 28 on PSP. Ofcause i got mine one for my PSP.
The Battle System had improved compare to last Version of Fate/Tiger Coliseum, and they added "Cross Swords System", "Command Mantra system" (令呪 Reiju).

As well, also added many new character, From the Series of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hollow, Fate/Zero, Tsukihime (月姫). In this Series had many character to select, also got many costume to change between the character.

Never Get Boring, with the Theater Player, unlocked able Sound Test Mode, Character Gallery, Music and Background Picture.

Talking about Fate/Tiger Review, this is in my GET list, Saber Lion Nendoroid :