Monday, April 20, 2009

Watching Anime at TV with RMVB player

A been working outstation at Kuching 7 Month+ already, everyday facing the PSP whole the night. Even Convert the Video to MP4 then play in the PSP, watching it on the PSP Screen. Bored.

Instead of buying a notebook and watch the anime on it. I had Brought the RMVB player, with my secondary Portable Harddisk, I can watch my anime when I back from work and Offday at the Hostle.

This product just great, just plug in any USB memory Device then it will automatic detect and play (USB flash Disk, USB Harddisk), but it can only support certain Format Of Video, it only can support : RMVB, AVI(DIVX only), MPEG (Divx), VOB (DVD video), DAT (VCD Video), JPEG, GIF, Txt File.