Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Youtube Goes Widescreen View

I just notice at 25-11-2008, when i was searching some MAD video at Youtube, i notice that the youtube video screen had become bigger, compare to old 4:3 aspect ratio videos, now youtube was able to present 16:9 aspect ratio videos.

But Youtube had announced that for the old video that uploaded with 4:3 resolution will just fit on the new player. For the Video with the High-Resolution uploaded will present in full screen.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Figma Konata Magician.Ver from LuckyStar OVA

Miku Hatsune In Figma

After Getting the 1/8 PVC, also brought Miku Figma Action Figure.
This Figure coming with 1 Mic, 1 Mic Stand, 2 Face Express, 2 葱?.

GSC "Hatsune Miku 1/8 PVC" GET

After Half Year of waiting (Preorder), Finally got this Figure.
I like this Figure because it just look like bring the "Network Idol" come to Real World.
And Also, the Good Smile Company had successful express the Miku's Emotion and Detailed Outfit.
Box Design based on MikuBox's Back View
Figure Front ViewFigure Back View

SD Gundam00 Exia Preview [Painted]

Sorry of bad paint skill. I only learn a few Painting tips from my friend at kuching, now he already study at KL already. So start right now i only can read tips from Internet, and try out myself.
SD Gundam Exia Front View.
Back ViewCan you find all "Gundam Seven Sword" Arm from the Pic?
Answer : "Yes !"

Shakugan No Shana Gallery "華焰" GET

My Sis Brought it at KL and give me. This book sure hard to get at East Malaysia. Even though Kuching Big City also don't have this kind of Book.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KFC HotRods, Owned

KFC Coming out new menu, HotRods. The Chicken ball-Like BBQ.

But... when you go buy the Real thing.... You SAW What You SAW !?

Click Here For See Real KFC HOTRODS

Where is my Chicken Ball? Is the Satay or what?


Leave Some Comment for Any KFC Product please.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bleach: Soul Carnival PSP Review

This game already nearly released about 1 Week. Sorry for a late review, because i just want to unlock finish the secret inside.
This game provide Cute 2D-look Character with 3 Head-body size. With =
- Character Level / Stat / Eq system.
- 17 Selectable character.
- Ichigo room free decoration, item can be brought from item shop.
- Character stat upgrade chart with 81 Support Character (Most of them can be attacker at stage)
- Equipment upgrade with Fusion option.
- Hidden route, extra stage, free stage, after game clear stage and Challenge Stage.
- Of Cause with the WTf strong Aizen Boss.

Click Here To Read More

Video of me beating Aizen Boss

This game is extremely recommended for the Bleach Fans or who like to play RBO. (The style of this game remind me that 1 dōjin game i played, Ragnarok Battle Offline)