Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to Miku !!

Happy 2nd Birthday to you! Miku. (31 August 2009)

As a Cyber Singer, Vocaloid. Finally become 2-years-old. Although I missed 1st year anniversary, but I was counting the calander for the 2nd year anniversary.

The event were going to be huge because the 1st Miku Hatsune official game are just launched by SEGA at July 2009. So the heat are still going hot, continue it with Birthday event at 31 August.

There having a Live concert at NicoNico Japan, but you need the purchase NicoNico Point to watch it. If you already have it then you can enter the Link here.
The producer that had joined Project Diva at PSP Game are going to join Live Concert as well, the producer list are :
OSTER project
doriko *New join
19's Sound Factory *New join
ika&MOSAIC.WAV *New join

The Live are open at Japan Time 18.30, and start at 19.00.
Last again, Happy Birthday !! Miku.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Received my Miku Project Diva with Limited Petit Nendoroid

Waited nearing 1 month, Finally my Miku Project Diva Original PSP Game that brought from E-Bay had arrived along with Limited Petit Nendoroid.

But my bad luck, the Box of figure had damaged during the Shipping from Japan. good luck the content was saved.

Well, actually i still at Working at Kuching, I asked my small brother to help me photo it and show to the seller. (The hand in the photo was my brother)

Friday, August 7, 2009

FATE/Stay Night THE MOVIE Comfirmed

FATE/Stay Night, after the anime on TV on year 2006, after that , finally come out with the Movie version,

The Fans that no stratification with the TV Anime Ending which they mix all the Route within Virtual Novel and end with FATE Route. Now, Type-Moon, the maker of F/SN said they will add more sense from the Virtual Novel.
In this Movie, the Route will base on UBW Route (Why no HW Route? T.T) and Rin will be the Heroine of this Story.

According to the Lastest Newtype Magazine, this Movie will be Release at Japan on 23th Jan 2010. (Same date as Nanoha The 1st Movie).
The CV in this Movie will still be same person as TV Anime.