Thursday, July 31, 2008

SOS Figma Miruku, Kyon

I got my Figma Mikuru already. now only left Itsuki to complete my Collection.

Actually this Mikuru should be delayed to ship because the store i preordered are lacking stock of Itsuki that which should be ship together, but i call them, ask them to ship this unit first. because i just can't wait it.

So Itsuki should be ship together with Figma Konata which released today. But have to wait Itsuki first la. >.<

Here also some pic of Kyon. i got it together with figma saber, but i just unpacked his box today lolx. But it seem Kyon's joint are more easy to adjust then other Figma. maybe they made different Design for Female and Male Joint?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Figma Konata Box Packing Review

Just 3 more days until 31 July 2008. The date that Figma Konata Release, everyday keep in touch with Figma Homepage. Finally found the latest news. The Box already design complete. Now just waiting Retail Shop start sell it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Figma Saber !!!

Wo, My Figma Saber finally arrive, it just take 3 days to reach my home since i order it. Will i think this will be an Master Piece of Figma Series i think. Compare with Revoltech, this one look more real and cute. I mean the emotion, althought it was no flexible as Revoltech-Saber.

This Figma Saber coming with : 3 Set changeable Hand part. 2 Set Front Changeable Hair. 1 Excalibur & 1 Calibur with Avalon.

Guess what, many doujin draw saber as Double-Bladed Swordman. Ofcause here i cant miss this chance to let her become Double-Bladed.

I think i just got my luck, this Figure already sold out at XL-Shop when i checked with thier website today. I am sure this figure really HOT !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My SoS-Dan Coming Soon !!

My SoS-Dan Coming Soon !!

Sorry about 1 month never update., after i back from Sibu, about one week, boss ask me to take care bintulu branch also. so i was busy and unable keep in touch of this blog.

But when i arrive home, i found out that my Order of Figma Haruhi was already arrive. Since i already got Yuki & Haruhi. only left Kyon, Mikuru and Itsuki. (Which is already ordered, waiting stock arrive)

I Promise when i get the whole set. i will post the full set of Sos-Dan Figma set ^^

My Brithday Present

Today is my birthday, and just in time, I received a Light Novel send by my Big Sister who study at KL right now. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Well because last time i saw my sis the anime series of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. and i was looking for it's Light Novel as well, which are no sold at Miri. is kinda rare at sarawak (Correct me if i wrong, maybe i miss some bookstore)

This is my first Brithday present that i received is the one i need. like before when i was study, my friend gave me present like :Birthday cake (no my favorite), T-Shirt (No my size), Party (for me is like a BBQ Gathering party). I think this is the 1st present that i think this is what i want. got little touched. lolx