Friday, July 25, 2008

Figma Saber !!!

Wo, My Figma Saber finally arrive, it just take 3 days to reach my home since i order it. Will i think this will be an Master Piece of Figma Series i think. Compare with Revoltech, this one look more real and cute. I mean the emotion, althought it was no flexible as Revoltech-Saber.

This Figma Saber coming with : 3 Set changeable Hand part. 2 Set Front Changeable Hair. 1 Excalibur & 1 Calibur with Avalon.

Guess what, many doujin draw saber as Double-Bladed Swordman. Ofcause here i cant miss this chance to let her become Double-Bladed.

I think i just got my luck, this Figure already sold out at XL-Shop when i checked with thier website today. I am sure this figure really HOT !

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