Thursday, August 21, 2008

Figma Izumi Konata - Konata Kousen

Well, i finally free after i free from my kuching Trip last week. This konata already put in my room long time but i have no time to open it. Today offday, is time to unpack it to see how different with other Figma.

This Figma Konata, the Head is Bigger than other Figma Series, is is shorter than Figma Haruhi., so there are no part can swap between other Figma, Hopefully it can swap with other LuckyStar Series Figma.

Is boring to display a style that official put, so i decided, i will put like this :
Izumi Kousen !! can you guess what action she was taking? if u can't get the answer, click HERE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sushi Hunger

Just recall back when i was at kuching, when i visit TheSpring, expect the Donuts, i also visit the Sushi King Japanese restaurant, i ate up Rm60+ single person.

You know what i eat? i also forget, i only know, this look nice, then order. lolx.

Because now is Unagi Season, so I order some Unagi dish.
This one taste good. Unagi Sushi

After that, my month just can't stop. continue order. Unagi Ricepot.
After that, Miso Ramen. 3 hit combo!!
After that, i take a rest, then order this:
Lastly, i eat also RiceBall.
Steamed Egg.
Cold Mee.

But lastly.. i left it unfinished...But i did finish all the dish except The Mee, Because the Mee is Cold plus no taste upon it.. i no really know the taste of it.
Btw, i did tasted many kind of Japanense Dish at Kuching. But there are more kind of dish i really want to try it out. hehz

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kuching Trip again : Donuts Hunt !!

Well, actually this happen last week. But i was outstation to kuching so i was unable to post it.

Last week, Suddenly my boss called me and ask me go kuching branch. Using Flight at the night.
Since this is no 1st time i went to kuching already, so i know what should i do here.

On after that, i went to Outlet which local at TheSpring Shopping Mall. I found the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Shop. I saw those Donuts at KL before last year, well, since i saw already i decided to buy some to try.
Look at the Menu 1st. (Click For Enlarge)
A set of 6 Donuts : RM14
Al thought they already mention "Coffee" at their Logo. so i decided to try so. But the taste Lose to StarBulk... which just opposite this shop. LOLX. i must try StarBulk somedays before i go back Miri. (Miri don't have StarBulk)
Forget to say, the main reason i try thier coffee because they Free 1 Donuts.. LOLX