Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sushi Hunger

Just recall back when i was at kuching, when i visit TheSpring, expect the Donuts, i also visit the Sushi King Japanese restaurant, i ate up Rm60+ single person.

You know what i eat? i also forget, i only know, this look nice, then order. lolx.

Because now is Unagi Season, so I order some Unagi dish.
This one taste good. Unagi Sushi

After that, my month just can't stop. continue order. Unagi Ricepot.
After that, Miso Ramen. 3 hit combo!!
After that, i take a rest, then order this:
Lastly, i eat also RiceBall.
Steamed Egg.
Cold Mee.

But lastly.. i left it unfinished...But i did finish all the dish except The Mee, Because the Mee is Cold plus no taste upon it.. i no really know the taste of it.
Btw, i did tasted many kind of Japanense Dish at Kuching. But there are more kind of dish i really want to try it out. hehz

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