Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kuching Trip again : Donuts Hunt !!

Well, actually this happen last week. But i was outstation to kuching so i was unable to post it.

Last week, Suddenly my boss called me and ask me go kuching branch. Using Flight at the night.
Since this is no 1st time i went to kuching already, so i know what should i do here.

On after that, i went to Outlet which local at TheSpring Shopping Mall. I found the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Shop. I saw those Donuts at KL before last year, well, since i saw already i decided to buy some to try.
Look at the Menu 1st. (Click For Enlarge)
A set of 6 Donuts : RM14
Al thought they already mention "Coffee" at their Logo. so i decided to try so. But the taste Lose to StarBulk... which just opposite this shop. LOLX. i must try StarBulk somedays before i go back Miri. (Miri don't have StarBulk)
Forget to say, the main reason i try thier coffee because they Free 1 Donuts.. LOLX

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