Friday, August 7, 2009

FATE/Stay Night THE MOVIE Comfirmed

FATE/Stay Night, after the anime on TV on year 2006, after that , finally come out with the Movie version,

The Fans that no stratification with the TV Anime Ending which they mix all the Route within Virtual Novel and end with FATE Route. Now, Type-Moon, the maker of F/SN said they will add more sense from the Virtual Novel.
In this Movie, the Route will base on UBW Route (Why no HW Route? T.T) and Rin will be the Heroine of this Story.

According to the Lastest Newtype Magazine, this Movie will be Release at Japan on 23th Jan 2010. (Same date as Nanoha The 1st Movie).
The CV in this Movie will still be same person as TV Anime.

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