Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bleach: Soul Carnival PSP Review

This game already nearly released about 1 Week. Sorry for a late review, because i just want to unlock finish the secret inside.
This game provide Cute 2D-look Character with 3 Head-body size. With =
- Character Level / Stat / Eq system.
- 17 Selectable character.
- Ichigo room free decoration, item can be brought from item shop.
- Character stat upgrade chart with 81 Support Character (Most of them can be attacker at stage)
- Equipment upgrade with Fusion option.
- Hidden route, extra stage, free stage, after game clear stage and Challenge Stage.
- Of Cause with the WTf strong Aizen Boss.

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Video of me beating Aizen Boss

This game is extremely recommended for the Bleach Fans or who like to play RBO. (The style of this game remind me that 1 dōjin game i played, Ragnarok Battle Offline)

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