Sunday, January 24, 2010

[Hatsune Miku] Whammy Anarchy [English Sub]

[Hatsune Miku] Whammy Anarchy [English Sub]

Made by: Shomisan-P (ショミさん)
English Sub: arklung

A anti-War song present by ショミさん. People should stop war and learn to love each other.

English Sub: (Credit me if you use it on somewhere)

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On the whole new world, We draw our territories based on our needs
I do not know since when, we have the instinct to push others away
Beginning Delaying Flesh Metals are flying across each other
Cannot differentiate what is game and what is reality, The surrounding of peace is filled with warm air

Birth, Conquer, Human birth, Killing, Drained, Fertile, Seize control

Destroy, Questions

What is in front of that bullet? Is that a human's head?
Is there any hope in front of that bullet? Is that a dream?
What is behind of that bullet? Is there a scar left on this planet?
Is there a smile behind of that bullet? The answer is 「NO」「NO」

Without pleading to the dark sky, The sun is rising up
Though the news is debated through wave transmission, But as long as it belongs to another side of the ocean it's none of our business
The people around us are calculated on million units
The weight of life
is cannot be calculated numerically on the meaningless moral scale

Inquiring peace, People talk about, think about, care about, Heavy life

Comprehend, Deception

What triggered that bullet? Because of the colour of the skin?
Is there a wish to trigger the bullet? Is it for humanity?
Who push the button for the bomb to explode? Was it pushed together with the dropping tears?
What is left behind the bomb? Everyone says 「Know」「Know」

The boy who was left with one leg says 「I was just picking up my football」
The girl who was left with one eye cries 「The soldier shouted and shot at my mum」

Who took away that person's life? Was he killed by human ego?
Who is still holding that person's evidence of existence? Will you continue his story?
Who killed that person's family? They were crying but still being murdered?
What will eventually left by the war? We are 「Whammy Anarchy」

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