Sunday, January 24, 2010

[KAITO] Gyakuzai Koushinkyoku [English Sub]

[KAITO] Gyakuzai Koushinkyoku [English Sub]

English Sub: arklung
Made by Machigeriita-P
Illustration by Mizmaru

逆罪, Gyakuzai mean a heavy crime that unforgivable. A great sin.
行進曲, Koushinkyoku mean marching song.

English Sub: (Please credit if you use it)

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Let's move on, move on.
Only the two of us, move on.

The duo keep moving on, on their journey.
Does love-confession represents eternity?

We exchanged sweet words,
we built a sand castle on the crematorium.

In a rusted night, fell asleep under the noisy starry night.
While we welcome a sloppy Spring → I discovered.

This happiness will not last, Happiness lives in the moment.
So let us turn this happiness into a bouquet of flower

After turning the happiness into a bouquet
we put it into the coffin so that we won't lose it.
And let's hide it away, so no one will take it away from us.

The funeral concession that seems to be endless,
But it finally stopped somewhere.
When we bid farewell with deceiving tears
let's burn it all together with our hands.

Let's move on, move on.
Only the two of us, move on.
On the way without any road.
Only the two of us.
Even if we can't make it, we'll move on inseparable,
Who is waiting at the end ahead of us?

The stable loyalty, the feeling that is held at the chest.
Was it the body temperature overlapping on top of the heart.

What comes out of it, is a momentous life.
We regret when things are not the same as our ideal,

If it becomes old, then just throw it away, like a toy.
If played until it is dirty, then just go get a new one.

How long is this endless repetition gonna be.
If the thing should have its limitation
then let's end it now.

Knowing these are a waste of time
but people are still chasing after it.

Using the flirty language uttering the key lines softly.
Knowing myself was caught in this pain, but still desiring for it.

There is a small wound on the head,
Let's make it a big wound, I will show you!

A lie is spoken from my mouth again
But no one knows this is a lie

The expected facial expression
looks like a thing that is easily collapsed.

Begging on the moving second hand of the clock
wish that we can continue our journey

The journey with only the two of us
here comes the third party again

We have to repeat this again.


daGorb122 said...

Everyone fastens where there is gain.........................................

RiKu VeCuLia said...
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RiKu VeCuLia said...

o_o interezting zong
but, btv

in the PV of thiz zong therez a kanji on thoze 3 perzon, vhat iz the meaning? Can you tell me pleaze?

*I'm zorry for the keyboard error*