Thursday, January 7, 2010

[Kagamine Rin] ソラトバズ [English Sub] v2

Re-uploaded, fixed audio problem, subbed
[Kagamine Rin] ソラトバズ [English Sub]
[Kagamine Rin] Can't fly at the sky [English Sub]
【鏡音リン】 ソラトバズ 【オリジナル曲】

English Sub: arklung
Made by: Toraboruta-P (トラボルタP)

Creator of トエト (Toet)

This new song was create on 05 Jan 2010, a story of a little bird that can't fly. ソラトバズ also read as sora tobazu, Sky's Topaz, is the yellow bird in the PV after all. Haha. Just kidding.

Here the English Translation:
(Please give credit if you wish to use it at somewhere else, TQ)

The bird that can't fly was thinking about
Those others who can fly are awesome
Looking at the huge blue sky
I am sad that I'm unable to fly with this body

Ah.... Why is everyone so cunning, Why only me...
was born with this pair of weird wings

The others are flying high in the sky gracefully
Everyone is overtaking me one by one
I don't care about this matter, it is just a small matter after all
They are just showing off

But actually I was kinda sad

The bird that can't fly is thinking about
Lately it keeps blame itself
head down with depressed face
looking at its own feet

Ah... Oh I see, there is still one thing that I own
A pair of feet that can walk

Walk pass through the wilderness and mountain,
Kick the soil with the feet
with a happy look on its face
walking step by step

The beings that fly faster than me, the beings that walk faster than me,
Please continue to move forward by taking over me

You guys may go forward first, I will be fine
I will continue moving forward with my own ways,
Although I can't fly, although I walk slowly,
I will still keep moving forward like this

I have decided.

*The word "I CAN'T FRY" should be "I CAN'T FLY", Toraboruta-P had apologize at NicoNico that he misspell the English word.

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