Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sushi King Restaurant Revisit.

Sushi King Restaurant Revisit.

I outstation to Kuching again, beside working, i also thinking where can i joy and eat. hehz

Lazy to think to much, so i decieded to eat sushi again, went inside and look at the menu, i choosed the FULL bowl of Mee, it called : Tori Teriyaki (Soba Mee with Chicken Meat) .

I wait for the Mee. and eat some Sushi, I saw Ebikko (Fish Roe) but Green in colour, i so interest on in, taken it without looking at his plate colour (Sushi King's Sushi Price are depend on the plate colour). if i no wrong is Pink Colour (RM4). Then who know, inside got hidden Washabi, i forced to drink that hot green tea that just served.

"Sorry for your waiting, this is your Tori Teriyaki", after that i saw a soup-like dish on my table. I shocked, i didnt order soup... try to use spoon take a look. LOLX the mee is so little and sink inside already. I trying to make it balance . (The Image provide is after "adjusted")
There are also got some recommended sushi.

Kanikami (Crabstick)

Sake (Fresh Salmon)
Golden Ball (Deep Fried and Shredded Crabstick with Mayonnaise)

Picture : Inside my Stomach.

But i was looking forward Ikura (Ebikko-Like sushi but rare). because i heard that was season and famous, very hard to gain a chance to taste it.

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