Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fate/Tiger Colosseum PSP Review.

Fate/Tiger Coliseum Upper !! Just released at Aug 28 on PSP. Ofcause i got mine one for my PSP.
The Battle System had improved compare to last Version of Fate/Tiger Coliseum, and they added "Cross Swords System", "Command Mantra system" (令呪 Reiju).

As well, also added many new character, From the Series of Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hollow, Fate/Zero, Tsukihime (月姫). In this Series had many character to select, also got many costume to change between the character.

Never Get Boring, with the Theater Player, unlocked able Sound Test Mode, Character Gallery, Music and Background Picture.

Talking about Fate/Tiger Review, this is in my GET list, Saber Lion Nendoroid :

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