Monday, September 8, 2008

Enable Right Click Menu on Internet.

Useful Tips while you online browsing Web.

Sometime when you online and saw some Cute and Nice Picture, and want to make it into your collection, the seem the web master had Disable "Right-Click Mouse" comment, but actually you can enable it, this is how it work.

First, you must install FireFox Internet Browser, try google it and u will found it with different language pack, download the one you preferred.

Next, after installed and finish first time Setup, goto Tools->Option->Content->Advance,
Uncheck the "Disable or Replace Context menus". (You also can disable the Java Script, but it will also disable most of the webpage entertainment feature, this is no recommened)
Try again right click on the webpage. This guide will do 100% no harm and without change your computer regestry setting.

*I wrote this guide because I like PC trouble Shooting also. ^.^ Please leave any comment if you like it.

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