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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[Kagamine Len] マジカル☆ぬこレンレン [English Sub]

鏡音レンオリジナル曲 「マジカル☆ぬこレンレン」
NicoNico douga:
English Translation/Subbed : arklung

Made by Owata-P
Mastering by Crystal-P
Special thanks to Toraboruta-P

Translated from Owata-P's comment,
Let me explain, after Len drank the mystery potion made by Rin, Len became able to transform into MAGICAL Boy☆Kitty LenLen by kissed with KAITO.
Using the mystery power of MAGICAL Boy, he had to protect the citizen away from danger. The new hope of all the citizen, MAGICAL Boy☆Kitty LenLen had born.

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