Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Project Diva, "Project DIVA Arcade" Announced

After long wait the news, big disappoint for PSP/PS3 user, the new ProjectDiva are gonna release on arcade.
SEGA will give chance for all Producer (NicoNico user who use P name on their name) to upload thier video on NicoNico ProjectDIVA channel from 15-30 OCT 2009. At the result SEGA will choose the winner's song and put it on the arcade game.

Regarding the CG while game was loading, Piapro.jp had joined SEGA to help collect Designer's CG to put into the game, all the CG must be in 1280x720 300dpi PSD format (Photoshop format).
Hm... 1280 x 720? I seem to be at WideScreen HD Arcade Machines.
More Detail at : Here

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