Friday, October 9, 2009

Miku's Old song still the BEST

Finally back to my hometown 2 day ago, but suddenly I get a flu, made me unable to relax in my holiday .
Open up NicoNico search for new Miku's song, but now days the producer like to make Miku sing the very very very deep meaning song, together with a dark-side PV.
So I decided to check the song from mylist. Hey this Miku's old song, double click on it.
Wo, The melody of this song was healing me. Look like Miku's old song still have the ability to heal people heart, I mean, more effective.

Feel like a mood to sub all Miku's Old Song, hehz
Here come one. When Miku was 1st lunched. People made this song, until now is still a good song^^

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