Friday, January 16, 2009

My New Handphone

I Brought a new handphone, K810
With CyberShot 3.2 Mega Pixel.
I change with my older Nokia 3230, because It will automatic Shutdown/Restart after while however it was Full Battery. I missed out many important call at Work/Personal Life.
But my Nokia 3230 still with me, It become my alarm Cloack since It's Ringtone Sound Is louder than Sony Ericsson.

1 comment:

The lost thought said...

how much is the new phone? So "geng cao", 3.2 pixel camera! Errgghh jealous jealou jealous >_<

so rich ah, the old phone served as alarm clock ad, where got alarm clock so expensive one? T__T

my samsung M300 has been with me for 3 years ad...and it's RM400 only. uhuhuhuhu