Friday, December 12, 2008

Bleach The Movie : Fade to Black

New Movie gonna release at Japan, Bleach The Movie : Fade to Black.
and mine fav. Seiyu, Aya Hirano, was take in part of this movie too. Which is Voice of Konata Izumi (Lucky Star), Haruhi (The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi).

Aya Hirano Voice as "Young Sister" in the Movie, but for most hirano/Bleach fans, ofcause can't miss this movie as well.
In this movie, we can watch the exciting part, Ichigo VS 13 Captain. by viewing the CM on youtube, we can know that this time Rukia leaving Ichigo without reason, and Ichigo gonna team with Kon in search of Rukia, but ichigo are forced to battle the 13 Captain (It seem like Soul Society had involved within), will Ichigo find Rukia at last? why is Rukia leaving? why battle with Soul Society?

This Movie will release on Japan Cinema at 13 December 2008. But for the non-Japanese, need to wait until it release DVD version, which mean is 6 month+ (13 Jun 2009).

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