Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Figma Konata had Arrived !!

Long wait from my friend from kuching, finally the Figma Konata had arrived.
This Figma Konata, or we should call her, Figma Konata Haruhi. Is the Limited Edition From Figma Max Factory. Only 5,000 Unit on the world.
Well, i doesn't open the box, because wanted to keep her value to can be resell at better price (Joking, I won't sell it :P). In order to keep her in good condition.

On the same pack, i also ordered Yuki Figma from my Kuching Friend also. I was thinking to Collect the Full set of them, Haruhi, Kyon, Yuki, Mikuru, Itsuki. Now i had only Yuki on my hand, Haruhi on the way, maybe on this few days will arrive. Kyon i waiting Xl-shop got stock, as well as Mikuru and Itsuki.

Here is some Pic for Yuki Nagato, but sorry since i wasn't pro photographer, some Pic maybe will unclear.

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