Thursday, May 8, 2008

External HDD down !! Western Digital Pay back my DATA !!!

Today is my unlucky days, just now when i want to help my customer check thier computer as usual, just notice that my Hdd containing a file that i never know.

WT*, my HDD corrupted !? I try all the way to recuse my data, but none of them work...
then i use partition magic to format it. It work..?

But all my inportant data gone... My software, Driver, Game, Video & music.....
I never though that thing will disaaper suddenly. So, better Backup ur External HDD since there are more Heavy duty than Internal HDD.... (Because External HDD keep unplug and Plug in)

My friend, please remember to backup ur important DATA. i manage get back some data from my old Backup HDD so don worry.

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