Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rm350 for a 3G handphone !?

My friend just saw a cheap Motorola 3G Handphone. The Selling Price was only Rm 350 Display on the counter.
Then my friend interested, she paid the shop deposit Rm100. Can u ever image a 3G handphone only Rm350? With 1 Year Warranty, Headset, Charger, USB Cable and 64MB Memory Card.
After that i helped her check internet, the Market Price of that handphone was Rm1250+ like that.
LOL, maybe the sales forget to put "1" infront the handphone maybe. (Rm 1350 something like that)
Then i told her that you can't cheat the sales because thier boss will find out soon, But u know what?
She brought the handphone and show to me !! Rm350 for a 3G Handphone !!! If u want to know the Current Market Price u can try Google It. Motorola E1000.

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